3D трекинг тела
(skeletal tracking)
Платформа для распознавания лиц
и активности человека
2D/3D распознавание лиц
и трекинг тела для серверных
и мобильных решений
API для распознавания лиц
и трекинга тела в 2D/3D
Распознавание лиц для контроля доступа к ПК

Anti-fraud (BAF)

Technology stack for digital onboarding and KYC with face authentication and advanced liveness
3DiVi Biometric Anti-fraud BAF is a flexible set of software tools to remotely identify a person by unique biometric features through any device equipped with a camera (desktop, smartphone).
Embedded active and passive anti-spoofing system that protects against live face substitutes. Identification accuracy is confirmed by NIST.

Key features

Improved recognition quality specifically for KYC
Recognition network focused on photo quality, its sources and user demographics, designed specifically for remote identification.
Incoming photo quality control
Tools for controlling face overlapping, illumination, blurring, focusing, face size and rotation angles to select the most suitable photos for comparison during customer interaction.
Complex liveness check
A unique set of tools to perform active or passive liveness checks and distinguish a real live person from deepfakes, masks, pre-recorded videos or biometric attacks. Support for RGB and IR cameras and 3D sensors.
Technologies to improve KYC process management
Stream transfer from points of customer interaction to the server. Recording and storage of authorization video (including evidence, if necessary). Storages for all sessions to detect and prevent repeated attacks.
Integration with any devices
Tools and solutions for porting technologies to various devices (including low-performance ones): PCs (working via a web browser), smartphones and tablets, terminals and kiosks, smart cameras, single-board computers.


Banks and Financial Institutions
Banks are able to provide financial services remotely by verifying their customers identity using biometric personal data.

  • Increased availability of financial services for customers
  • Accelerated processes associated with opening accounts, making transfers and issuing loans
  • Developed inclusive environment for serving people with disabilities
  • Widespread introduction of electronic document management and digitalization of financial products
  • Increased competition in the financial market
State Organizations
In order to provide remote state services safely the identity of a citizen must be confirmed with biometric personal data.

  • Reduced service provision terms
  • Decreased financial expenses of citizens and legal entities
  • Eliminated time-consuming bureaucracy thanks to electronic document management
  • Reduced corruption risks
  • Increased availability of state and municipal services
Telecom Operators
The solution improves the quality and speed of customer service and completely eliminates the need to visit a telecom store.

  • Simplified interaction between the customer and the provider of online services
  • Optimization of companies' performance by saving resources
  • User training on new online tools
Commercial organizations (tour operators, insurance companies and carsharing)
The main benefits for customers are reduced financial and time costs. There's no need to go to the company office or bank branch to get the service connected.

  • Improved availability of products and services
  • Greater transparency, minimization of risks of forgery and fraud
  • Improved quality of services and stimulating the development of innovative products through rising competition
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